IP6 & Inositol

InoCell™ 500 mg capsules


Immune Support


240 capsules
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Enhances immune function, particularly natural killer cells

Feature summary

The combination of Ip6 and inositol has been shown to be an effective antioxidant and booster of immune function. The combination is especially helpful in boosting the activity of a type of white blood cell known as "natural killer or NK" cells. These white blood cells get their name because they literally kill diseased cells, viruses and other infecting organisms. They play a major role in protecting the body against infection. While Ip6 can boost NK cell activity, the combination exerts even greater enhancement.

InoCell is from rice fibre. In more than 70 published studies, it was shown to help prevent disease, improve cellular communication and inhibit abnormal cell division. IP6 and Inositol is an all-natural patented supplement that stimulates the immune system by enhancing natural killer cell activity.

InoCell™ is a trademark of Proprietary Nutritionals Inc. U.S. Patent # 5,082,833.

Medicinal ingredients

Each Capsule Contains:
Inocell™ (Proprietary blend of Inositol hexaphosphate [IP6] and Inositol) 500 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients

Rice starch, vegetarian capsule (carbohydrate gum [cellulose], purified water), vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant).