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Supplement Facts

For strong plus flexible bones.*

Feature summary

BioSil® Healthy Bones Plus™ kit containing Bone Collagenizer Matrix™ and Bone Mineralizer Matrix™. Increases calcium "binding sites." Bone collagen provides the "binding sites" for calcium. All calcium must "bind to" collagen in order to become part of bone. Age-related collagen loss leads to diminished calcium content and reduced bone mineral density. Healthy Bones Plus is clinically proven to generate bone collagen and increase bone mineral density at the critical hip region.

Promotes vital bone flexibility. Collagen gives your bones flexibility and their ability to withstand physical stress, as from impact. Healthy Bones Plus is clinically proven to increase bone collagen formation.

Increases the total strength of bone. Increasing your bones' total strength requires both "hardness," determined by the calcium content of your bones and "toughness" (flexibility), determined by collagen. Healthy Bones Plus promotes both types of bone strength.

Provides premium high-absorbing calcium. Supplies your bones with a rich source of premium high-absorbing calcium and vitamin D. Key transporters ensure delivery from bloodstream to bone.

With ch-OSA® advanced collagen generator

  • Increases Bone Mineral Density
  • Increases Bone Calcium Binding Sites
  • Generates "Bone-Cushioning" Collagen
  • Promotes Bone Flexibility
  • Reduces Osteoporosis Risk

Suggested Usage

Kit contains Bone Collagenizer Matrix and Bone Mineralizer Matrix:

Bone Collagenizer Matrix: Take two capsules, once daily. Formulated to be taken in conjunction with Bone Mineralizer Matrix or another dietary and/or supplement program providing at least 1000 mg of calcium and 800 IU of vitamin D daily. 

Bone Mineralizer Matrix: Take 6 tablets daily. For maximum absorption take 3 tablets 2 times a day.

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